#LoveSomeoneWithDelilah ... Podcast with Kathie Lee Gifford **LISTEN NOW!**

I know what you're thinking... "I sure wish Delilah had a new podcast to listen to." Well guess what?! You're in luck!!!

How about a warm and wonderful chat with a former morning TV co-host, singer, composer, author, actor, and loving wife and mother? Yep, the incredible Kathie Lee Gifford joins us today for some girl talk, and the inside scoop on her new movie, "Then Came You."

It's a delightful rom-com - proving our second act can be just as scintillating as the first - filmed in the Scotland Highlands and co-staring the hilarious Craig Ferguson. Of course, Kathie Lee wrote the screenplay and the soundtrack... Drop in as she dishes on her co-stars and why she chose them for their roles, how she's navigated life after losing her husband, and what might be next for this multifaceted sparkling gem of a woman. It's all here!