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Trading Places

More than half of pet owners are jealous of their pet – because they never have to work, have no enemies and get more affection from loved ones. A third of those polled believe their spouse actually prefers their pet’s company to them.

Another 44 percent get jealous of their pet’s innocent lifestyle, as they never have to make any difficult decisions.

There main reasons we are jealous:

1. Sleeping whenever they want

2. Having no worries or stress

3. Not having to go to work

4. They don't have to pay for things

5. They never have to make hard decisions

6. Being happy just to go outside for a walk

7. Always getting snacks and treats

8. Being able to fit in cozy places

9. They get loads of cuddles

10. They will always know unconditional love from their owner/ family

photo credit: Getty Images

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