The One Thing Chrissy Teigen Wants For Mother's Day Is So Relatable

Today - Season 68

Today - Season 68

Chrissy Teigen continues to be the most relatable person, well, ever. While chatting with Buzzfeed about her collaboration with Pampers (she designed a cute line of baby diapers for the brand), the mom-of-two revealed the one thing she really wants for Mother's Day this year and it will make you LOL.

"I've never been a big gift person. I really enjoy giving other people gifts, but the only thing I want is a card that says, 'You don't need to respond to this.' When you get all the texts and everything, you're just like 'Oh crap, now I gotta respond to everybody.' And when I get a gift, I have to write you a handwritten thank-you card and the burden of that right now is a lot," she explained. "So honestly, the greatest gift is people not asking for a reply.'"

While not having to respond to anything is Chrissy's ultimate Mother's Day dream, her husband John Legend has something else planned for the big day. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, John revealed the sweet Mother's Day tradition he does for his wife each year.

"I do a yearbook. Like, a photobook for Chrissy of the family and all the things we did that year," he said. "We make it like a coffee table book. The first time I did one of those was for our wedding. And then I've been doing it since Luna was born. It's a Mother's Day tradition now."

Well, we hope John isn't holding out for a reply this year. His wife might just leave him on read.

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