1 in 3 People Hate Splitting The Bill Evenly at Restaurants

According to a recent survey 1 in 3 of us hate splitting the bill when we go out to eat unless we all eat the same thing.
Reade more about it at swnsdigital.com

It's like that Friends episode!
Your friends order drinks and desserts, but you just had a salad!

No way should you be expected to pay the same amount.
How do you handle it?
Personally I go separate checks, but I've got a couple apps on my phone and pretty much the only thing I use it for is this exact conundrum.

Sorry buddy, I didn't eat any of those appetizer wings, I'm not kicking in for them too.

And I never carry cash either, LOL!

Another fun fact from the survey, people don't like sharing food. So we probably shouldn't ask to try someone's dish. Awww, darn.

Person paying waiter for restaurant bill

Photo: Getty Images

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