You're An Adult Now!

A recent survey from from Avocado Green Brands asked people what makes them feel like they're adults?
For me, it was in my 20's when I was living on my own and I paid my 6 month car insurance all at one time instead of monthly.
I was just trying to save a few dollars each month that way.
Interesting to note, it's the only time I ever paid 6 months up front... Been there, done that I guess.

But according to the survey most of us don't feel like an adult until we're 30.
And the things that makes us feel like we're adulting the most:

1) Living on your own — 30%

2) Buying a house — 28%

3) Get married — 27%

4) Getting your own bank account — 27%

5) Having kids — 26%

For more on the Avocado Brands Survey click here.

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