Cereal You Eat With Orange Juice, Not Milk!

Tropicana has created a cereal in honor of National Orange Juice Day.
That is May 4th, and is something we should already know as Floridians I guess.

The difference with this particular cereal, is they've created it to be consumed with orange juice poured over it instead of milk!

It's called Tropicana Crunch, and sadly it isn't for sale. But they will be giving away boxes starting on May 4th over at TropicanaCrunch.com.

It is described as a honey and almond cereal, and it looks a bit like Honey Bunches of Oats without the flakes...
I would 100% try this.

But I've used OJ on cereal before, and I remember one particular time I used it on Cocoa Krispies because we were out of milk at the house. I would have loved to make a quick trip to Publix, but I was a kid, so I grabbed the juice. It was good! I recommend trying OJ on your favorite cereal for fun.

Orange Juice

Photo: Getty Images

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