Should you load the dishwasher with silverware pointing up or down?

I wouldn't say this has caused any arguments at my house, but my wife and I certainly disagree on the subject of how to wash silverware in the dishwasher. I always point the business end up for forks, spoons, knives... unless it's a kitchen knife that's actually sharp. Those get pointed down to avoid injury. My wife, however, points the forks, spoons and knives all down. So who is right???

Wow, turns out I'm wrong according to a design expert, who is as close as we're going to get to an authority on this subject. But the reasons aren't what you think. They suggest turning the business end down so handles are up for hygiene, you only touch the handle, not the food eating end. Also for safety, like with knives. As far as cleanliness, that could vary with dishwashers, but the benefit would be marginal compared to safety and hygiene so point them down.

What do YOU think?

The Mirror has the full scoop here.

Loaded dishwasher

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