Will our kids be OK after this?

I truly worry about the kids.

So much has changed in their world. Mom & Dad are home (sometimes separate homes,) stressed out and not hiding it well.

The distance learning, the isolation, being inside for weeks, constantly being checked for touching things, so much screen time... it all adds up.

And now, my daughter has emotional outbursts... ALL THE TIME.

The smallest error, or slight... and it's a full on melt down. And my heart just breaks for her.

And with talking with my friends, it appears it is happening in many homes.

So what do we do?

First thing I'm trying to do is be more present in her world. I'm trying to see this crisis through her lens.

Work can wait (in most cases...) a bit while I slow down and focus on her.

Also, distraction is a big help.

School has her stressed out? We hop on our bikes for a lap of the neighborhood.

Here is a good article from USA today:


And another one from a child psychologist from the Washington Post:


The good news is kids are resilient.

We will all get through this...

I for one will try and slow down and enjoy this time with my child.