Morgan Wallen On Owning His Mistakes: 'I Should Have Been More Aware'

Morgan Wallen On Owning His Mistakes: 'I Should Have Been More Aware'

Morgan Wallen On Owning His Mistakes: 'I Should Have Been More Aware'

Morgan Wallen had a great year in 2020 as far as his career goes, however, outside of the spotlight the country singer had to overcome several challenging situations. In a recent interview with People, he takes a look back at the past year and all the lessons he learned along the way.

One very public situation Wallen had to learn from the hard way occurred in October when Saturday Night Live producers canceled his debut appearance after viral videos surfaced of him defying COVID-19 protocols. Following the incident, he stepped away from the spotlight for a few weeks to focus on himself.

"I guess that's when I truly figured out that things are different now," Wallen told People. "That was the moment for me. I knew that I was becoming more and more popular, but I didn't realize it was to that extent."

"I had to take a step back and really look at when I took that turn," he added. "That's when I started realizing what the term 'superstar' meant. I mean, I get it. I understand that I offended some people, especially with everything going on in the world. I understand that...I should have been more aware."

Wallen says his rebellious tendecites stem from his childhood, growing up as a preacher's son in small-town Tennessee where he was expected to behave a certain way. In turn, he says, "I've not ever been the one to follow the rules as much as some people."

One takeaway for Wallen is that he's now looking to buy a farm of his own, which he hopes can be a peaceful escape to go to as needed. "I don't know exactly how much land, but I'd like to have some trails and also some fields, and hunt a little bit, maybe a pond to fish on," he said, going on to add that while he to have fun at the farm, "it's really just good for my health and for my sanity."

Earlier this month, Wallen released his new sophomore project, Dangerous: The Double Album. The album debuted at No.1 on the all-genre Billboard 200 as well as the Top Country Albums chart and also earned the largest streaming week for a country album in history.

"This is absolutely insane," Wallen told Billboard earlier this week. "Thank you to the fans for making this one of the best weeks of my life. When we decided to go for it with a double album, I knew we were taking a risk, but I believed in the music and hoped it would be something y'all loved. This goes way beyond any of my expectations."

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