WWII Vet that raised $50 Million now has #1 single!

You may remember the touching story of Captain Tom Moore, the 99 year old WWII vet. He had hip surgery recently, and as part of his rehab, he had resolved to cross hit patio 100 times before he turned 100 years old. His daughter suggested he use that as an opportunity to raise a couple thousand dollars for the UK's NHS charities during the pandemic. Well, not only did he hit his goal of 100 laps before he turned 100, but he also raised $50 MILLION! Amazing!

But that's not all. He has covered "You'll Never Walk Alone" along the the NHS Voices of Care Choir (health care workers) and the song is #1 in the UK. So that makes Captain Moore the oldest holder of a #1 single in the UK.

My big accomplishment today? Pants AND a shower. God Bless you Captain Moore!