50% of Millenials Don't Know How to Check Tire Tread... Here's How

So, thanks to Hurricane Michael, I've had to purchase 5 tires recently. Panama City tires are taking a beating these last 5 months.

My wife's car picked up a nail, and the tread was low, so we replaced all 4. On my car, I had replaced them a couple months before the hurricane, and then picked up a nail... Right before a road trip. So I couldn't even claim road hazard because I was hundreds of miles from home with a trunk full of luggage and no way to transport the punctured tire.

But it's not just nails, normal wear and tear needs to be checked on your tires. According to a survey 50% of millennials do not know how to check tire tread. Check out the video to see how, it's easy. I will say, make sure the tire is wearing evenly across it. If one edge is wearing more than the other, you might have an alignment or suspension issue. Overwear in the center of the tread only indicates over inflated tires. And over wear on both outside treads might indicate under inflated tires.

Drive safe family!



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