Panama City hates cleaning toilets the most

Of all the things in my house I hate to clean, I must say, I don't put this at the top of my list. Probably because it's relatively small, and you can douse it in cleaning products and come back to it and most of it is easy to wipe down.

But according to the American Cleaning Institute, 52% of us hate cleaning the toiled the most.

But we're complicated creatures, humans. Because, according to the same survey, 88% say we clean the toilet most often in the house.

Not the kitchen, where we prepare food, or sinks where we wash hands, or tubs where we clean ourselves. But the toilet, where aside from the seat and handle, you're not really making contact with it.

The think I hate cleaning the most in the house? Tub/shower. Combination of size, fumes, stretching and bending. No thanks. Give me 6 toilets to clean over 1 tub.

Read more about it at BusinessWire (pops.)

Michael Heim / EyeEm / Getty Images


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