5 Ways To Make Your Hands Look Younger

Panama City Beach Sunshine

If there's something we know living along the Gulf, the sun can be hard on your skin. And let's face it, I'm large and pale, the sun is not my friend. But that's not the only thing to consider when it comes to protecting your hands Bay County!

Glove Up

  • That's right, when you're dealing with chemicals and hot water and taking care of those household chores, using a pair of gloves will go a long way to keeping your hands from drying out.


  • Swap your regular hand cream for one with an SPF! I mean, your lip balm probably has one, your face moisturizer might even have one. But have you considered your hands? That's a pretty easy one. You slather them when you go to the beach, but they deserve daily protection.


  • Do you splurge on anti again cream for your eyes? How about your hands too? I mean, your hands are the eyes of your arms. Seriously though, it's an investment. I suffer from dry skin and know how expensive eye cream can be, as I just purchased my first tube of eye moisturizer to get a little relief. But for something like your hands that get a lot of abuse from chores,  work like paper filing, sun, etc? You're worth it.

Check out a couple more tips from PureWow here, your hands will thank you!

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