One Of The Last Blockbuster's Gets A Gift!

Sometimes in history things come together at the right time. One of those things was the divorce of Russell Crowe. You may remember he and his wife decided to divorce. They also decided to get rid of a lot of their stuff. That stuff included movie memorabilia! Among the stranger items was the leather athletic supporter Russell wore in Cinderella Man. Now this is not your average Panama City garage sale of course. We're talking chariots from Gladiator. Movie costumes and much more.

Now consider the demise of video rental stores. Most of us stream our movies through stand alone services or through cable providers. And stand alone kiosks pick up the slack of the video store. I bet if you think hard enough you can imagine the layout of your nearest store on Panama City Beach or Mariana Florida... I still have my Blockbuster card.

Are you with me so far?

Sadly there are just 5 of these stores left in the US, and 4 of them are in Alaska. Here's a fun rabbit hole, The Last Blockbuster's Twitter feed is a hoot.

Then consider HBO's John Oliver, former correspondent with The Daily Show. He's a national treasure. Granted, other nation's treasure, but still, he is often a delight. And this is one of those times. He and his show went on a shopping spree in the wee hours and purchase several items from the divorce sale.

John Oliver announced the items they purchased and that they're offering them to the last remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage Alaska (NSFW content, language!) See it here. That would get me in the store!

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