What Movie Is Set To Be The Biggest Opening Ever?

If you don't know you may be living under a rock. Or don't own a TV or internet enabled device. But that probably means you wouldn't be reading this, so I'm ok with that.

Folks across this great land, and across Panama City and surrounding areas will be flocking to the theaters this weekend for the opening of The Avengers: Infinity War. It's presales already doubled Black Panther which was the record holder. In fact, I read it out paced the last 6 or 7 Marvel movies combined.

That's impressive. The first Avenger movie is the current record holder at $207.4M and Infinity War is expected to make more than $225M. So head over to your favorite theater in Panama City or Panama City Beach and enjoy! Me? I'm behind one, haven't seen Black Panther (or Justice League for that matter) and I won't watch them out of order....

What's more impressive? That they came together to do this on Jimmy Kimmel.



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