Has Your Data Been Stolen?

Has Your Data Been Stolen?

Identity theft is big business

And it may be happening at businesses you frequent. Sears just announced a security incident last week that could mean 100k people have had credit card information stolen. K-mart is also included in that, as they're owned by Sears.

But where else?

If you shop at some of these other locations in the last 18mos, you'll want to read more at Business Insider to get details on their announced security issues that might have compromised your data. Looks at this, I've shopped at 5 in the last year...

The moral of the story is make your passwords difficult to guess. Change them regularly and as soon as you're notified of a breach. Keep an eye on your credit, either through a service, or at least your yearly free credit report that you have a right to see.

Where Can I Check?

Visit Business Insider here to get a recent list of announced data breaches that might affect you. Retailers include Delta, Saks Fifth Avenue, Arbys, Sonic, Forever 21, Best Buy, Lord and Taylor, Panera and more.

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