The Worst Airline Passengers

Airline Passengers From Hell

Spring Break is here for college kids. Bay County schools are off next week. Summer is just around the corner. This all means it's travel season, and the folks at have their list of the WORST passengers to be stuck with on an airplane.

Travelling From Panama City?

If you're going to be hopping on an airplane to enjoy your hard earned time off, you may want to spring for essentials to avoid the worst offenders on the list. Earplugs, sleep mask, maybe an upgrade to first class. All of this would help to avoid the top 10 Airline Passengers From Hell. By the way, as someone in the 6' club, #2 is probably my absolute worst nemesis. I mean, c'mon, that's just rude. Also, middle seat gets BOTH armrests. That's their prize for being stuck in the middle. Aisle gets one, window gets the window. Middle gets both. It's a given.

Here are the top 5 out of 10

1 stinky passengers

2 out-of-control children

3 obnoxious seat recliners

4 armrest hogs

5 carry-on baggage abusers

Get the full list here at (pops)



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