Top Ten Things That Will Kill Your Job Interview

A new survey of hiring managers found things that can instantly destroy your chances at getting the job. The folks at Career Builder identified 10 for you here. These are items that managers agree would be a barrier to getting hired if you do this in the interview process. See the full list at PR Newswire (pops) here.

These are the top 3 NoNo's!!!

3) 59%: Being arrogant or acting entitled is sure to lose you the job. Be personable, but a little humility helps as wel!

2) 67%: Taking a call or text during the interview. Seriously! Put it on silent, or better yet, leave your device in the car if you don't have to haveit.

1) 71%: Being caught in a lie. Sure, a lot of folks embellish, but outright lies? That's sure to haunt you.

Get the full list here (pops).



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