What Does It Take To Make You Send Food Back?

Sending food back is hard. I don't like doing it, but I certainly have for undercooked items, or the incorrect items. What would prompt you to send it back?

According to YouGov.uk it makes 39% of us uncomfortable and 3% would never send food back. NEVER. That's pretty extreme.

So here are things people won't send food back for:

6% would NOT send their meal back if undercooked.

12% would NOT send their meal back if the plate was dirty.

15% would NOT send their meal back if they found a hair in it.

A hair! I mean, are we talking an eyelash, or the cast of the touring production of Hair came in earlier and now it's everywhere? Yeah, that's going back.

If you need help sending back your food, either ask your fearless friend and dining companion, or check out the video below.

And for more fun food facts check out the article at YouGov.uk (pops)



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