Drop 5lbs at work by standing!

So the tiny bit of extra calories you burn by standing 6hrs a day instead of sitting works out to:
.15 calories a minute, or 54 calories daily, which works out to enough to shed 5.5lbs a year.
Your results may vary right?

Study comes from The Mayo Clinic (pops). 

And you can obviously burn more calories at work by doing things like taking the stairs, or parking far away from your entrance, etc. But the simple act of standing 6 hrs a day versus sitting really add up. Not the way I'm going, though. Pass me some cheetos, please. LOL. I kid, I'm watching carbs.

I have been trying to convince the boss to turn an unused large office into a work gym. Just need a few pieces of equipment, and BAM, I've got somewhere to hang up my clothes at the office.


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