Top Signs This First Date Is Doomed!

So judging by this study about deal breakers on a first date, being a stinky date still puts you ahead of being a racist when it comes to love. So good news for the hygiene challenged. The study that produced this list, also found the top items that aren't deal breaks which include being being good looking (no durrr) being rich (duh) and being a little shy (aww). See the full study (pops) here at SapioBlog.

1.  Saying something racist or intolerant   (first, don't be, second, who unloads that on a first date?)

2.  Being inconsiderate or rude (duh!)

3.  Bad hygiene (!!!! Make an effort, and if it's medical, understood but see the doc)

4.  Saying something sexist   (Time's Up chump)

5.  Making it clear you're not over your ex *facepalm*


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