KFC Cocktails Are Here: Gravy Goodness For All!

KFC is helping make your parties finger licking good! With Gravy Cocktails. I'll admit I think the Bloody Mary would work, but the FingerLickin' Sour? Check these out:

The GRAVY MARY that uses vodka, an ounce of gravy, tomato juice, Tabasco, and Worcester sauce.  They recommend KFC's Popcorn Chicken as garnish!


I'm not sure I would try the SOUTHERN TWIST as I'm not a fan of bourbon. It has bourbon, TWO full ounces of gravy, black pepper, and brown sugar.


But from the AIN'T NO WAY IN HECK am I going to try this one comes the FINGERLICKIN' SOUR. It which uses mezcal, THREE (!!!) ounces of gravy, cherry liqueur, lemon juice, orange marmalade, and an egg white. Ugh. 


You can skip the gravy in the coffee the next morning...


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