Grocery Items Worth Paying More For

The Kitchn compiles some foods that are worth splurging on according to foodies!
Check out the article here. (pops) to get the full list.

Some of my favorites, and I completely agree with:
Good coffee: Pick your favorite region and roast and taste the difference every morning!

Cheese: Pick your favorite, just realize cheese shouldn't come in individually wrapped plastic and say it's "shelf stable". I like a nice Brie on bread or Blue on burgers.

Fresh eggs: This is for my wife, because to me eggs are eggs. But pay a little more for a fresher taste, and a more ethical way of keeping chickens.

Toilet paper: Ok, not food, but worth the splurge! Otherwise you'll pay for it in the end. LOL! Made myself laugh.

New U.S. Government Eating Guidlines Issued


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