What your favorite ice cream reveals about you!

A new Survey from Baskin Robbins apparently reveals a lot about your personality depending on what ice cream you like... And also makes me realize I miss carbs.   

So I think we can all guess that if your favorite flavor is vanilla, no one is labeling you Mr. Excitement.

  1. According to the survey:
    Optimists are most likely to order cookies and cream or chocolate chip cookie dough.  
  2. Realists are more likely to get chocolate. 
  3. People who eat ice cream out of the carton are resourceful, dependent, and introverted. (And probably need to do the dishes because they're out of bowls).
  4. People, who like ice cream on sugar cones are funny, edgy and the life of the party
  5. People, who like ice cream on a waffle cone are traditional and nurturing
  6. People, who like ice cream in a bowl or a cup are analytical, rational, family-oriented and hard-working
  7. People, who like ice cream sandwiches are artistic, impulsive and idealistic- People, who like ice cream sundaes are passionate, motivated and loyal

Read more here. (pops)

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