7 Keys to a Successful Marriage

Rhonda Milrad has some advice for us. 

7 keys to a successful marriage.

But my favorite 3 are all no brainers, but bear repeating every once in a while:
1) Communication! You can't share a life if you don't know what is happening in each others. And things like money, kids, jobs, houses... all need discussion. You may not always agree, but you need to be on the same page. Which brings us to number 2.

2) Compromise! You and your significant other are individuals, right? Unique opinions and points of view. Sometimes you have to meet half way so everyone can be happy.

3) Accept That There Are Ups and Downs. You can't have a great day at work everyday, or at school, or at basically anything. So marriage is no different. If you know that there will be tough days, if you accept that, it makes getting to the good and great days all that much easier (with a little work of course!).

Get the full list on Huffington Post here. (pops)

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