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Queen's Brian May is demonstrating that he doesn't hold a grudge.  The rocker is expressing his "sincere condolences" to the family of the group's first manager, who passed away a few weeks ago. 

In a new "Bri's Soabox" message, the guitarist says he's "sad to report" the death of Norman Sheffield, who served as Queen's manager in the early 1970s.  May admits they had their "differences," but says "in the Grand Scheme of Things, all the water had long since flowed under the bridge." 

Queen and Sheffield's parting was hardly amicable.  Queen's song "Death on Two Legs" has been said to be frontman Freddie Mercury's rant against Sheffield over the way he treated the group. 

While Sheffield denied the allegations about the song in his 2013 autobiography, in the '70s he launched a defamation lawsuit against the band over it. 

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