It’s also true in life: you reap what you sow. If you sow seeds of anger and discontent and divisiveness; if you gossip, backbite, say negative things and try to put wedges between people, guess what you’re going to reap? You’re not going to harvest sweet pumpkins of happiness. You’re going to harvest a big crop of misery. But if you encourage, uplift, motivate, say kind things and do kind things for people, you will grow new friendships, stronger relationships, and a happier circle of people around you.

If this note hits close to home, make a decision today to stop stirring up trouble and saying negative things about people. Stop causing strife within the family. Stop pitting one friend against another friend. If you’re doing anything like this, just stop. Sow the seeds of love and forgiveness and encouragement, instead, and your life will harvest a bounty of happiness.