I’m guilty of being quick to speak, slow to think. I’ve said things I regret that I can’t take back. I’ve fallen short many times. And that’s why I’m writing this little reminder today: Don’t let anger get the best of you. By the “best of you” I mean don’t let anger make you become something you’re not. Don’t become violent or verbally abusive toward others. Don’t become a bully. Don’t make people feel inferior. Don’t make them feel unloved. 

The “best of you” reacts differently. The “best of you” is slow to react and quick to forgive. The “best of you” will use your words in a positive way. The “best of you” may be so angry at something that warrants discipline…but continues to show love and explains how you discipline out of love. The “best of you” never tears anyone down with childish name calling. The next time you get angry with someone, whether it’s a co-worker, friend, stranger or your own child, think about how the “best of you” would respond in that situation. Just a thought.