Last Christmas I got into a horrible argument with my older brother about politics which led to random other topics like parenting decisions. Judgments were tossed around so easily and the moment was awkward and we didn’t speak for months after that. Christmas was ruined.

I eventually thought, “What am I doing? What’s the purpose? Why am I so angry over stupid things?” Life is too short to spend it so angry at someone. I thought I was being so big and strong by holding my ground but in the end, it drove me crazy thinking about it, so what good is that? I decided to call him and apologize for what was said on my end. It was uncomfortable at first but we decided to agree to disagree on some things and make amends.

This year I’m really looking forward to family gatherings. There isn’t any tension there, the kids love to play together and I’m hoping for some good old belly laughs like there used to be among our family. My brother and I email, text and call each other on a regular basis now, especially looking forward to Christmas. I’m so thankful I swallowed my pride and made that call. Life is so much better without bitterness. God bless! Denise

What wonderful thoughts shared by Denise. If there is someone you’re warring with or begrudging or judging, I hope you’ll consider her words because wasting time holding a grudge with someone you love isn’t worth it. You’ll only put more lines on your face that way! So make the call and be the peacemaker – at least try. There has never been a better time than right now.